Mehelya crossi - African file snakes, very interesting species they are shy and secretive, while they are extreme docile in nature they do not tolerate regular handling as can be quick/skittish so not suited for someone who likes to handle there snakes, I absolutely love the species and find them extremely fasenating they like to stay hidden in the day, love to burrow in deep bedding, prefer it to be cooler and more humid so tend to do better on mixture of coir, bark and sphagnum moss, at night there out on the hunt and very active, they have a very unusual body type with large patches of bare skin between there very keeled scales that give them the feel of a file hence there common name. In the wild these snakes a excellent hunters mainly will feeding on other snakes and will also feed on lizards, snakes that tend to feed solely on other snakes tend to have the more triangular bodies as apposed to the round/plump bodies, these snakes are also immune to African snake venom. In captivaty they will easily switch across to rodents.
Hopefully will be producing captive bred files snakes in 2021
These will only be available to more advance keepers even the they are easy enough to keep they do require a little more understanding and research on correct ways to keep with out causing unnecessary stress on them