Recessive The sunkissed gene is a considered to be a hypomelanistic gene (Hypo C). Sunkissed corn snakes usually have a distinct type of head pattern with square shaped saddles

hypomelanistic appearing cornsnake strain that originated within the Okeetee bloodlines of Kathy Love.

Sunkissed & Stargazer
Stargazer is a recessive genetic mutation that causes neurological issues it has been linked to sunkissed & okeetee after being discovered in them lines, many breeders have now worked hard at testing all there sunkissed snakes to ensure this genetic mutation is not carried on through lines doing so has reduced the amount of stargazers that are now produced tho the gene could well have spread in to many other non sunkissed morphs it is import to check when you do purchased a sunkissed that they come from lines that have been previously tested.
Even if the snake shows no signs of neurological issues the gene is recessive which means if a snake is bred which happens to carry the gene there is a chance to carry on spreading the genetics in to other morphs, if the snake is bred to another snake that carries the gene that is when you will see visual stargazer hatchlings this is why it is extremely important to purchase from breeders that only breed from test lineage